Protecting Our Planet

Our Aim

Our responsible travel policy is not set as a definitive set of instructions but as a constantly renewing and improving ethos of how we work. We are living in a age where travel and exploration is becoming more accessible to more people. Destinations that where once regarded as inaccessible are now becoming accessible to more people at lower costs. As a company that forms a part of this process we must play our part in ensuring that we manage the development of these destination and ensure that we preserve the very things that led us to explore them in the first place.

Environmental Responsibility – Carbon Offsetting Your Flights

We offer our customers the chance to travel to some of the most amazing destinations on our planet. On many occasions it is the natural environment that is the reason the destination has become somewhere to visit and enjoy. Whether it is an amazing glacier in Greenland, forest habitat in West Sweden or whale migratory route in Iceland, it is important that whilst visiting and enjoying these amazing destinations, we also take responsibility for preserving them for plants and animals that live there, and also for future generations to enjoy.

Climate change is the most pressing global issue facing us all, with potential for significant community, biodiversity and environmental consequences across the world. To take responsibility for the impact on the climate we offset the carbon emissions from the flights associated with the holiday you book through Off the Map Travel using ClimateCare. ClimateCare is an organisation that reduces global greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of companies and individuals. These reductions are made through a range of projects around the world that not only make real reductions in carbon emissions, but also make a difference to people’s lives. To find out more about ClimateCare and emission reduction projects, visit

Example Project

Saldanha Hydroelectricity – Brazil

This is a small run-of river hydroelectric project in the municipality of Alta Floresta in Northern Brazil with an installed capacity of 5MW. Electricity generated is fed into the local grid. The project brings a secure and reliable source of power to the region for the first time, displacing isolated fossil-fuel-powered generation with this renewable source of energy.


  • Reduces dependence on imported fossil fuels thus reducing exposure to fossil fuel price volatility.
  • Increased employment opportunities in the area; directly associated with construction and maintenance.
  • Helps promote renewable energy and encourage others to replicate similar projects elsewhere.
  • Reduces dependence on imported fossil fuels thus reducing exposure to fossil fuel price volatility. Brazil-Hydro-plan-combine

Social Responsibility

Working with small providers allow our customers to gain knowledge and experiences directly from the people living in the destination. This provides a local connection and “insiders guide” allowing our customers to visit local festivals, experience local traditions and in some cases share local experiences with the providers we work with. As our packages are tailor-made and include activities we try to educate our customers on local destinations, activities or experience that we feel that they maybe interested in meaning they finish their holiday with a greater understanding of the lives of the people and the culture that is found in all of our destinations.