Summer in Greenland

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With culture, great food, stunning natural sights including whales, glaciers and icebergs, not to mention the UNESCO World Heritage site of the amazing Icefjord, Greenland is a destination that will not disappoint. This trip of a lifetime offers the best Greenland has to offer including whale watching, sailing among the icebergs and a wonderful trip to the Eqi glacier. To top it all off why not enjoy a helicopter flight over this stunning landscape? With summer temperatures reaching up to 20 degrees and the wonderful midnight sun, why not enjoy a range of activities on the long summer days in this fascinating country. With a stopover in the vibrant Icelandic city of Reykjavik you can visit the wonderful blue lagoon,take the famous golden circle tour or simply relax in one of the city’s many bars.


Greenland - Ilulissat

Ilulissat is located in Western Greenland, about 200 km above the Arctic Circle. Ilulissat is Greenland’s third largest settlement and its name means ‘Iceberg’ in Greenlandic. The town is now the main tourist destination for Greenland and for good reason: the stunning Icefjord! In 2004 the Icefjord was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO and is filled with huge, stunning white icebergs calved from Northern Europe’s most productive glacier!


This package is available from May until September.


A friendly hotel with the most extraordinary views and delicious food provides a great base for your trip to this stunning part of Greenland. On a basis that suits you, and including transport to and from the airport as well as into town throughout the day, this hotel will provide comfort, luxury and panoramic views of the Icefjord. Accommodation in Reykjavik will be in a 4 star centrally located hotel.

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There are a range of other activities on offer including:

Eqi Day Cruise

Take a day trip to the Eqi glacier and get up close to the icebergs.


There are various hiking option available including 1 and 2 day guided hikes.

Boat trips to the settlements

Visit a selection of small isolated settlements to see how life once was for the majority of inhabitants of Greenland.

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Flights to your chosen destination are not included in your package. However we will always include details of the most suitable flights in our opinion to match your tailor-made itinerary. We cooperate with Dial-A-Flight to assist you in making your flight bookings. However, flights can be booked independently and through your choice of carrier which increases flexibility and allows you to continue to travel with your preferred airlines.


There are a number extras that we can offer to compliment or extend your trip.

No.1 Traveller Lounges

If your flying from selected airports why not start your holiday off in style with No1Traveller airport lounges. These award winning luxury airport lounges offer everything the discerning traveller needs from freshly prepared complimentary food and drink to wifi or even a spa! Contact us today to arrange your access and start your holiday in style.

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We do not sell off the shelf packages, all of our packages are tailor-made to your requirements. You can choose everything from when you go, how long you stay to what activities you would like to include. Simply Contact Us with your requirements and we will provide you with a tailor-made personal itinerary.

As an example, prices for a 7 night trip including accommodation in Reykjavik and Greenland, visit to the Blue Lagoon, whale watching trip, Glacier hike and helicopter ride start from £1699 per person based on 2 sharing.


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A night in a luxury cabin overlooking the beautiful Eqi glacier will be an experience you will never forget. The cabin provides panoramic views and with the midnight sun it is possible to simply watch and hear the glacier calving and breaking into the sea throughout the night! The cabin’s panoramic views also let you watch all of this throughout the night under the midnight sun.

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