mindfulness under the Northern Lights

Mindfulness under, and be inspired by, the Aurora on this new Northern Lights holiday

 *NEW Northern Lights Holiday for 2015 / 2016*

Northern Lights experts, Off the Map Travel, has worked with a remote Arctic Aurora spotting destination in Finland and wellbeing experts to create an opportunity for guests to experience the spiritual side of the Northern Lights and achieve an elevated state of mindfulness.

Research from Harvard University has found that we spend 46.9% of waking hours with a wandering mind, which makes us unhappy. ‘Mindfulness’ is a foundation for this experience and is a proven technique for dealing with stress, anxiety and frustration.

Northern Lights for the Soul, has been developed by travel and wellbeing experts and focuses on fundamentally encouraging healthy physical and emotional habits.

Add to this the transcendent experience of the Northern Lights and your spiritual journey will be complete.

Northern Lights for the Soul has been developed in the remote Finnish destination of Kilpisjärvi which offers a serenity only delivered from Arctic remoteness. Jonny Cooper, Director of Off the Map Travel and Northern Lights Travel expert said;

“Anyone who has experienced the Arctic night sky and the Northern Lights will contest to the fact that you instantly feel in awe of our place in Space. Combine this experience with the isolation and beauty of the Arctic tundra and you have a perfect platform from which to dedicate time to support our guests’ fundamental shift in physical and emotional wellbeing.”

With Yoga, exercise and relaxation techniques; hot tub and ice hole; a nutritionally designed diet using local recipes and local produce; and a delve into the local and international Sami beliefs around the Aurora, this is an opportunity to not only see the Northern Lights, but connect with them to revitalize both body and mind in a way that has not been possible before.

Jonny Cooper of Off the Map Travel continues;

“If you arrive negative and burnt out, we want you to leave with a new outlook, a fresh perspective, feeling energized and touched by the Northern Lights. This aims to be more than a quick fix, but a tool to help you make fundamental changes to your physical and emotional outlook and wellbeing. We want you to leave mindful.”

A four night, full board exclusive Northern Lights retreat costs from just £1399 per person. This includes a private room sharing a Saana chalet, return airport transfers, daily yoga and meditation sessions, access to the spa area, optional 1:1 meditation sessions with experts, daily Northern Lights hunts and a traditional kota evening with a meal cooked on the fire. This price excludes flights and additional activities.

Contact us for more information about Northern Lights for the Soul and other Aurora Holiday opportunities call +44 (0) 800 566 8901 or email info@offthemaptravel.co.uk

Further detail on the Northern Lights for the Soul experience will be released through offthemaptravel.co.uk shortly.